Vastu for Relationship

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A very important part in our traditional family structure, relationships however varied in nature right from husband and wife, siblings, uncles and aunts, close friends, neighbors play a very important part in our everyday life. Relationship between husband and wife is considered sacred in our culture but in today’s world we see lots of cases pertaining to relationships breakdown and children issues leading to divorce and separation. That has caused a lot of social disorganization and unrest in the society. Every emotion that appears inside you is generated by the energy emitted through the 16 zones or directions of your home. These zones, in turn, are governed by the five elements (Panchabhutas) - Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky. It is believed that these elements are responsible to create a harmonious environment, in turn influencing everything around us. When these elements are out of proportion, they lead to negative forces overriding the positive ones & creating a field that makes your thoughts and actions negative.

The rules of Vastu Shastra have a profound effect on one's relationships. It lays emphasis on proper selection of directions within a structure, since each direction has a particular effect on a person's personal relationship.

  • The door of your bedroom must be able to open to a 90 degree width to fully allow positive opportunities to enter into your life.
  • Ensure that you properly select the south direction of your house or business structure as this will bring in positive influences which help to guard you form feelings of envy and jealousy.
  • The west direction affects your relationships with your friends and family members. When it is properly constituted in your home or office, you enjoy the goodwill of everyone around you and are blessed with a long, healthy and prosperous life.
  • If you have problem in getting sound sleep, place your head at the south direction when going to sleep. If you have a mirror opposite the foot of your bed, cover it because when you sleep you will be throwing off stress, which will be reflected back by the mirror to you. Covering the mirror will help you to have a restful and replenishing sleep.
  • The shape of your bedroom must be either square or rectangular to bring in peace and prosperity.