Vastu for Health

Our goal is to solve your real life problems, through our vastu consultancy services and make your life easy and better.


Everyone wants a happy, healthy and a wealthy home with all material comforts as well as peace of mind. 'Health is wealth' is one of the most common things one gets to hear. If you are eating junk food or staying up late or working long hours, this is a common phrase thrown at you. However, it is true, without good health, everything is redundant. Our health also depends on the environment we live in or the atmosphere at our home or workplace. If there is tension, animosity, or some unseen issue, Vastu Shastra can help to resolve these problems. Vastu Shastra for Health offers the opportunity to focus on specific areas of your environment with the aim of optimizing the flow of positive energy by incorporating healthy as well as key essentials in your home. Healthy home creates good health. While dealing on good principles of constructions to ensure prosperity and happiness in families, Vastu Shastra also lays down certain guidelines for the inhabitants of houses to ensure good health of the body and mind.

Vastu follows some prescribed norms that must be followed in a house to achieve good health. Here are some Vastu principles to keep your health in good condition:

  • If you have a beam running inside the room wall, take care that the bed should not be placed under the beam. This arrangement is bad for health.
  • There should not be five corners in the ceiling of a room. If your room is constructed that way, then you can put bamboo flutes or small pyramids to curb its negative effects.
  • Almirahs and beds should be set very close to the South-West wall and at a little distance from the North-East wall.
  • Always sleep with head towards South or East.
  • An ideal kitchen should be located in South-east.
  • South-west portion should be ideally provided to elderly people or main owner of house in order to keep them in good health.
  • Do not keep exposed mirrors in home and cover all mirror including laptop screen and TV screen etc.