Vastu for Career

Our goal is to solve your real life problems, through our vastu consultancy services and make your life easy and better.


Career is arguably one of the most important things in anybody’s life. Career is what all of us eventually try to build all the years while attending school, college and enrolling for higher studies.You work hard for a good career, to ensure both professional and financial security. A step towards a career is one of the most crucial steps of an individual’s life. Eventually, but inevitably we all start with our career at some point in our lives and when we do it, we would like to receive positive results. But, if you are facing a setback or stagnation in your otherwise fruitful professional life, Vastu, the scientific concept of inherent energy, could help your career fly. When your career place is surrounded with negative vibes, it will create barriers in your career life. Therefore,your career place should always have a positive surrounding. If the main door of your house or workplace is in an unfavourable direction, it will affect your career growth in a substantial manner.

Vastu tips that could help you make a positive difference to your career, gain success without obstructions, and promote your personal growth.Here are some tips:

  • Never sit with your back towards the entrance door.
  • Avoid the usage of irregular shaped furniture.
  • Avoid sitting under the beam.
  • Avoid darkness in your working area.
  • Avoid having windows and doors near your seating arrangement.
  • Place a Laughing Buddha at your workstation to fight stress, depression, and bring happiness at the workplace.
  • A picture of a lake, waterfall or any other water body placed in the northeast direction accelerates the career graph.