Vastu for Business

Our goal is to solve your real life problems, through our vastu consultancy services and make your life easy and better.


Finance is the heart and soul of every business. While small scale businesses’ financial circulation depend mainly on payment receipts and cash flow. Big businesses have their own sources to maintain financial stability. Whether it is starting up a new business, or achieve faster growth with expansion, mergers or takeovers, getting funding from banks, financial institutions or equity markets. In all of these situations, application of Vastu attracts the right investor or support from financial institutions and markets. For an organization, Vastu is very much important. The surrounding of the corporate environment has a huge impact on its Vastu, once the office is made it may not be easy to change. It is always beneficial to seek a Vastu experts’ advice before any commitment is made. A Vastu inspection can be done for both existing and new offices to create positivity and harmony at work. Vastu Shastra is a science that deals with the construction and architecture.

It is a part of Vastu Vidya, and applied with the ‘Atharvaveda’ (Economics), which lays the guidelines for architecture, design and construction and the same principles are applied to business houses.

  • The toilet/bathrooms in the office should not be located its wealth area as per Vastu for business, as it might bring a huge loss to the organization.
  • Mirrors should be used to visually expand a space if the room is smaller than desired. And avoid having mirrors in bathroom or toilets as it will attract the negative energy.
  • Having a source of flowing water like a Fountain or any other decorative like fountain will help you to acquire a positive environment in the workplace.
  • As per the study of Vastu the success and prosperity in your business is greatly influenced by the position of your desk in its favorable direction. A common favorable direction of the desk is set back to view as much of the room with a back to a wall. The doorway and window should not line with door and should be quickly accessible from your desk.
  • Marketing professionals must avoid blue and black accessories and place their workstation in south zone. Their seats can be maroon or brown in colour and they can experiment with green colour to get benefits from contacts. Ideally they should face north to attract more money and newer opportunities.