28 august, 2017 Blog


The term Vastu stands for dwelling or place where we live. Vastu is an ancient Vedic science of architecture and construction. Vastu Shastra is the Hindu Vedic text which teaches how to live in harmony with nature by balancing the energy.The science of Vastu is based on the belief that everything is made up of Five Key Elements (Pancha Tattva) i.e. Water (Jal), Air (Vayu), Fire (Agni), Earth (Bhumi) and Space (Aakash). Every form of matter (living or non-living) is a mixture of these five elements in some proportion and they all radiate some energy and vibrations of their own. Each of these five elements rule a cardinal direction like: Water rules Northern region, Air rules Eastern region, Fire rules Southern region, Earth rules Central region and Space rules Western region. Vedic texts like Vastu Shastra and Vishwakarma Prakash lay important principles on how to balance the energy. Since everything radiates some energy and vibrations of its own, every architectural structure will have an energy field of its own which is usually referred to as Vastu Purusha or simply the soul of the place.

Our energy field continuously interact with the surroundings there by leading to different influences in our behavior. Earth has a magnetic field of its own which flows from North to South, Sun transmits its energy daily by rising from the East and setting in the West, these things along with a host of many other things create a subtle influence on our lives. Vastu Shastra is a compilation of these influences where it explains the nature of each influence and how we can live harmoniously with nature.

According to Vastu, one should never sleep keeping his head to the North because the Earth’s magnetic field flows from the North to South and our body’s magnetic field flows from head to toe. Similar poles repel each other hence an additional force is exerted on our brain while we sleep and this may lead to damaging some soft vessels of our brain, especially after a certain age when our body gets weaker.

Many times it get very difficult to design a house or a room completely Vastu compliant and people often feel demolition is the only solution to correct it but Vastu teachings hold that to balance the energy you do not necessarily need demolitions, instead you can use remedial measures like color therapy, gem therapy, idols, pyramids, fishes, plants etc.