2 july, 2018 Blog


The selection of a plot is very important since the plot represents a fixed form, that will radiate positive as well as negative energies depending on its location, or ientation, shape, slope and soil quality. While selecting a plot these five major points are to be kept in mind. Normally a Vaastu Expert is not involved at the time of buying a plot. But as a Vaastu Expert, I would suggest that it is good to involve one, at the time of selecting a plot, as his inputs could be very valuable in deciding the right Site. Generally, the points an Vaastu Expert will keep in mind while selecting a site, will by default be in accordance with Vaastu Shastra. If you already own a plot for construction of house or office, you should still refer to the Vaastu Guidelines prescribed for the selection of suitable plot. In the Selection of a plot, the following Vaastu Guidelines should be looked into, since most of these guidelines are based on scientific reasoning and few on common sense.

  • The most important tip that should be kept in mind while purchasing a plot is it should always be acquired with fair means only. Any land acquired by unfair means would lead to negative results in long run.
  • A plot purchased for making a house to live in should ideally be Gaumukhi (smaller in front and wider in rear). A plot purchased for business purpose should be Shermukhi (Wider in front and smaller in rear).
  • A plot with all its edges of uneven length is a bad choice. Any extended corner except NE corner is considered bad. Any depressed corner is considered bad too.
  • Having a religious place, school, funeral ground or any public place in the vicinity of the plot is considered bad.
  • It is bad to have the soil color of the plot different from the surrounding color of the soil.
  • The auspiciousness of the face of a plot meant for living follow the following order – East (best), North, West and then South. The auspiciousness of the face of the plot meant for business follow the following order – North (best), East, West and then South.
  • Growth of any poisonous shrub on the plot is considered bad. Having any big rock in the plot is considered bad too. A plot used for landfill purpose is also bad.
  • East and North facing plots are good from investment point of view.
  • A plot emanating pleasing smell like smell of Tulsi plant or smell of any other natural herb then it is good but if the plot is emanating a bad smell then it is considered bad.
  • A plot with road ending in front of it or having a Y junction or T junction or I junction or L junction in front it is largely considered bad except for a few exceptional cases.